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At Action Over Talk, we are pleased to offer a variety of training programs to cater to the needs and preferences of each and every client. Let’s chat about what program is best for your unique fitness goals.

Now Offering: Virtual Online Training
Flexible and consistent training via FaceTime, Zoom, or Duo. No matter where you are, rest assured we’ll design the ideal program with what’s available around you. You can also join our virtual bootcamp sessions and enjoy social support.

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Client Testimonials

Hasan has been amazing at helping me identify my next level goals for health. As a mental health and nutritional therapist, so much of my attention has been on utilizing a healthy mindset and diet to maintain a healthy body. The downside is I had forgotten about the importance of strength and physical conditioning. Hasan has developed an intense but doable plan to help me bring personalized physical fitness back into my weekly routine in a way that's fun, convenient, relatable, & effective!


After my last bout with cancer my daughter set me up at the local gym with a personal trainer. The objective was to rebuild my strength. When Covid-19 hit and the gyms were closed, I was lost. I tried some online videos but they didn't give me the workout I needed. My daughter asked if I would be opposed to a FaceTime trainer, I was not. For 2 months now, Hasan has been working with me 3 days a week. Hasan. is mindful of my age (77) and my physical limitations. The workouts are complete and give me as much or more than I was getting at the gym.


I was a world class athlete that suffered a broken femur that ended my athletic career. After a year of rehab and crutches and three surgeries, I was finally ready to start working out again. I have been so excited to have Hasan as my coach. He listened to my needs and devised a program to target my needs and weak spots. It has been hard for me to get back into working out and Hassan has understood that. He pushes me but also instinctively recognizes when I have reached my limit. I would recommend Hasan to anyone who wants to work out with a personal trainer who will help them reach their full potential.


I was recommended to start working with a personal trainer after being diagnosed with myopathy. I have some serious medical issues and was worried about working out. However, this has been such a positive experience. I credit Hasan with saving me from using assistive devices. He is very holistic, looking at a person as not just a collection of muscles to be worked out. He tailors workouts to my needs and is extremely responsive to my ever changing physical needs. I have been very pleased and would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone needing a personal trainer.