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Group Training Seattle

Couple, Family, or Organization Training

$40 per person 1 hour session or $300 a month per person 3 training sessions per week in person or virtually (Currently virtual only)

Benefits of Virtual Group training

  • Group sessions provide opportunities for team building and bonding
  • No equipment necessary
  • Play your music and enjoy yourselves
  • Encouraging support and accountability of keeping each other going
  • Full nutrition management services
  • Weekly text & phone calls with your coach as often as needed to answer questions and provide recommendations
  • Gift a training sessions to a friend or loved one
  • Train with your group wherever you may be
  • Joining with a friend provides a great workout at a discounted rate compared to one-on-one training sessions.

Why Action Over Talk?

Vetted Experts

All Action Over Talk coaches are vetted for experience, certification, and professionalism. Our trainers have a true passion for fitness and dedicate themselves to their clients.

Why Action Over Talk?

Intro Session

Hiring a personal trainer is kind of like buying a car; you need to give it a test drive first. Before making a financial commitment, you can schedule a risk-free introductory session to ensure quality fit.

Why Action Over Talk?

Secure Payment

Pay securely via credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal. Action Over TalkΚΌs flexible payment options make the decision to hire a personal trainer less of a financial burden.

Why Action Over Talk?

Take Action!

Whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, or improve your overall quality of life, an Action Over Talk personal trainer will help you set and achieve your health and fitness goals. You have nothing to lose– only a better life to gain!

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