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Meal Prep Seattle

Nutritious, weekly meal prep

Let us serve you! Quality is key and we only provide flavorful and high quality lean meals with high nutrition value. We break down the details of each meal so that you know exactly what nutrients you are consuming.

Too busy to eat healthy?

  • Having trouble with tracking your food quantity?
  • Need a baseline daily calorie intake?
  • Too busy to cook meals at home?
  • Need nutritional food on hand to properly fuel your gains/weight loss?

Five to seven days a week, we can provide you with a variety of flavorful meals for lunch and dinner. Our goal is to help you easily keep track of your weekly calorie intake with a high protein and low carb meal. A high protein/low carb diet helps you stay as lean as possible while easily tracking the fine details of your diet including a basic macro breakdown.

Nutritious Lunches and Dinners

for delivery or pick up

  • Five Day Lunch & Dinner: $150
  • Seven Day Lunch & Dinner: $175

Some examples of the tasty meals we provide include: hot wings, grilled zucchini & squash, steamed broccoli, purple cabbage, spinach salad, wild caught salmon, chicken breast, spaghetti with lean ground turkey, and much more!

Seattle area only for now! $15 delivery fee or free pick ups.

Convenient pre-made frozen meals sourced locally and cooked in Burien

Meals organized by diet such as vegan/vegetarian, Mediterranean, ketogenic, gluten & dairy-free, as well as Thai and Indian cuisines

More than just your average grocery store;

  • Free nutritional consultations available with 1 of our registered dietitians
  • The ability to plan ahead with a 7 deal meal plan
  • Take control of your diet by keeping track of your calories, protein intake, carbs, fats, etc.

Partnership with Action Over Talk

We’d love to offer you 10% off our meals to help you take control of your diet and reach your goals!

Discount Code: AOT0

Are you ready?

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