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With our proven approach to training, our clients usually begin to notice significant changes in their physical appearance after a month or so of working together. Their friends and family really start to notice drastic changes at about 90 days into the program. Moreover, our clients do not only notice physical changes, but also improvements in their confidence and emotional well-being.

Action Over Talk Provides

Customized Programs for Your Unique Goals

Clients typically ask if itʼs normal to notice physical changes so quickly– our answer is always YES! We are here to provide consistency guidance, training knowledge, and a standard of accountability to keep you on track and motivated. Every program we offer is completely customized to address each of my clientsʼ unique and individual needs.

This means that every training session is guaranteed to bring you closer to your health and fitness goals. No matter your experience level, weʼll help you gain a solid understanding of weight training, bodyweight training, and resistance band training. We want to give you the knowledge and skills necessary, so you can continue to work out independently and maintain your results.

Five Phases of Training

There are five phases to the training program with each phase lasting six weeks including:

  • Phase 1: Core Balance & Stability
  • Phase 2: Muscle Endurance
  • Phase 3: Hypertrophy (muscle-building)
  • Phase 4: Strength
  • Phase 5: Power

After the phases are complete, you can continue on your own or repeat the process, increasing the difficulty of each phase to really push your new physique to a higher level of performance.

As an NASM Certified Personal Trainer with access to a private training facility, we offer in-person training services to clients in the greater Seattle area. To sign up, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and Iʼll contact you within 24 hours of your submission!

Before you purchase a package, we offer an introductory session with one of our personal trainers so you can try out our program risk-free. We will set you up with a trainer who aligns well with your goals.

If you decide you would like to move forward with your trainer, itʼll be time to purchase sessions. Our packages range from five to thirty sessions, with each session being either 30 or 60 minutes in length. The larger the package you purchase, the less per session you will spend.

Get Fit! Begin scheduling sessions with your trainer! Most clients schedule 2-3 sessions per week, however you are free to meet as often with your trainer as desired.

What’s included?

  • Access to private training facility in Seattle, WA
  • A 12-week physique transformation plan
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Scientifically based training methods
  • Access to my personal phone number to always stay updated on training/nutrition protocols

Hourly sessions start at $80. Packages of multiple training sessions are provided at discounted hourly rate

Why Action Over Talk?

Vetted Experts

All Action Over Talk coaches are vetted for experience, certification, and professionalism. Our trainers have a true passion for fitness and dedicate themselves to their clients.

Why Action Over Talk?

Intro Session

Hiring a personal trainer is kind of like buying a car; you need to give it a test drive first. Before making a financial commitment, you can schedule a risk-free introductory session to ensure quality fit.

Why Action Over Talk?

Secure Payment

Pay securely via credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal. Action Over Talkʼs flexible payment options make the decision to hire a personal trainer less of a financial burden.

Why Action Over Talk?

Take Action!

Whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, or improve your overall quality of life, an Action Over Talk personal trainer will help you set and achieve your health and fitness goals. You have nothing to lose– only a better life to gain!

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